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Salon loft canapé cuir

Passage 167

In our quest to create a truly exceptional living space, we present to you the 'Passage 167' loft design project. It represents a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics, functional elegance, and space utilization.

My vision was to transform a conventional loft into a captivating, functional, and welcoming space that aligns with contemporary lifestyles.

The concept revolves around the fusion of minimalism and industrial style. I aimed to preserve the loft's inherent industrial character while infusing it with warmth, comfort, and functionality. This was achieved by combining materials such as wood, leather, textiles, and terracotta.

Photo by Pascal François

Wonderlust store

This project was intended for a professional furniture client, with the brief being to create a small, elegant, and functional concept store with a reimagined 'Boudoir' theme.

To meet this challenge, we opted for a combination of bold colors to enhance the gilded details of the furniture.

Beyond its harmonious appeal, this concept store underscores the importance of functional aesthetics. Each furniture arrangement is designed to optimize space usage, providing practical solutions without compromising on style. It reflects the idea that furniture should not only be beautiful but also serve a purpose in our lives. This space exudes an aura of refinement and charm that complements the items for sale perfectly.

This project was a collaborative journey, where the vision of the professional furniture catalog and my expertise, combined with a passion for decoration, came together seamlessly.

18-B2B-Style contempo-Retail-Gde ambiance_D.jpg

Photo by Simon Wardavoir

Magnum Café

The project involved the renovation of Lille's iconic bar/nightclub, the 'Magnum Café.' The goal was to preserve the essence of its success while emphasizing its concept as a cozier bar during the day and a vibrant, festive nightclub at night. I embarked on a journey that breathed new life into this beloved institution.

The central challenge lay in creating a space that would seamlessly transition from a warm retreat during the day to a lively hub at night. To allow patrons to enjoy cocktails in a cozier setting during the day, it was essential to add leather-upholstered banquettes in coppery brown tones. Additionally, to bring brightness to this intimate ambiance, a large wall adorned with frames was painted in duck green. The restrooms were relocated to free up space and move them away from the seating areas.

To add another dimension of depth and height, the ceiling of the bar was removed, revealing the wall shelf of the back bar, which itself serves as a centerpiece of the decor. As the sun sets, the transformation takes place. The pub concept seamlessly evolves, unveiling its alter ego in the form of a trendy nightclub. Through strategic use of lighting, dynamic colors, and versatile seating arrangements, the space comes alive, embracing the nighttime energy of a lively hub. There was also a significant change in the facade to better reflect the 'English Pub' spirit, with wooden moldings, to pique the curiosity of potential new patrons.


This project took off from two inspiring images and a selection of a few decorative objects. These suggestions served as a starting point, allowing the creation of an inspirational narrative from scratch. This process triggered the birth of a universe for this vacation home and Bed & Breakfast. It illustrates how a simple moodboard or even a few objects can be an excellent foundation for launching a renovation project.


Photo by Pascal François

IMG_6560 2.jpg

Casa Mar 

The purpose of the project was to modernize a house while adhering to budget constraints. Therefore, I designed a renovation involving minor improvements, preserving the existing tile and primarily focusing on the decoration.

The main use of white color was deliberate to capture the purity and tranquility of the coastline, complemented by small accents of aqua green, warmed by the incorporation of wood and rattan.

The adoption of black on the kitchen wall is a statement of modernity, a bold departure from the immaculate world of white.

The combination of locally crafted pieces with treasures collected from elsewhere allows for the creation of a charming, eclectic, and contemporary ambiance.